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    UK's best jazz improvisers perform alongside Sardinian jazz artists for a festival boasting warmth, atmosphere and authentic music making.

    In 2018 Theatralia Jazz Festival is dedicated to the encounter between London and Alghero, the gorgeous Catalan town in Sardinia, an island in the island. A unique crossroads of cultures that, in addition to the beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea, preserves an ancient history, protected by the imposing walls that embrace the city.

    This project is also a bridge between the Theatralia Jazz Festival in London and Jazz Alguer, a monthly jazz festival directed by jazz trumpeter Paolo Fresu, that offers the opportunity to enjoy the music of international jazz stars at amazing locations in Alghero throughout the year.

    Theatralia Jazz Festival

    "Years ago I left my island, Sardinia, for another island. The UK welcomed me and helped me to make many dreams come true. At a moment in which walls are being raised, we seek to build a bridge between our two countries. One that is made of notes, sand, coral, myrtle wine and poetry.


    Musical encounters started in 2013 with the first edition of the festival, previously called My Jazz Islands. Encouraged by the vision of PizzaExpress' manager Ross Dines we now welcome the festival's fourth edition, this year in collaboration with the beautiful city of Alghero, Jazz Alguer and Fondazione Alghero, Sardinia."


    Filomena Campus

    Theatralia Jazz Festival Artistic Director

    Filomena Campus

    In 2013 Filomena Campus launched her My Jazz Islands Festival, in which she seeks to unite her Sardinian roots with Italian and UK jazz musicians. Filomena Campus is a Sardinian jazz vocalist and lyricist, as well as a theatre director and university lecturer. As a jazz vocalist Filomena has toured and collaborated with top UK jazz artists including Evan Parker, Guy Barker, Orphy Robinson, Huw Warren, Byron Wallen, Cleveland Watkiss, Jean Toussaint, Kenny Wheeler, the London Improvisers Orchestra and fellow Sardinian musicians Paolo Fresu, Gavino Murgia and Antonello Salis.


    'Campus is a highly musical singer’ - The Telegraph




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    "Sardinian Extravaganza" in Alghero and London

    Black Top +

    Duo Peghin & Maltana


    27 September
    Poco Loco Jazz Club, Alghero


    Alghero meets London
    Award winning Vibraphonist Orphy Robinson MBE and pianist/computer musician Pat Thomas aka ‘Black Top’ will be performing at the Poco Loco Jazz Club in the historic town of Alghero. Their virtuoso, freely improvised performances combine twisted loops, samples and dub-effects, which draw on their Afro-Caribbean roots, with a spontaneity and daring rooted in experimental free-jazz.

    They will explore how their music intertwines with the intimate music of Sardinian Duo Marcello Peghin on 10-string guitar and Salvatore Maltana on double bass.

    "It's edgy, uncompromising improv, but full of rugged lyricism, and built on plenty of compelling grooves."John Fordham, The Guardian on Black Top



    Tel 0039 -079/983604

    Cleveland Watkiss +

    Duo Pegin & Maltana feat. Marta Capponi

    13 November
    show 8:30pm | doors 6:30pm
    PizzaExpress Jazz Club, Soho


    London meets Alghero

    Soho’s jazz audience can experience the artistry of the Sardinian duo of Marcello Peghin on 10-string guitar and Salvatore Maltana on double bass, creating an intimate atmosphere with originals which fuse traditional tunes, Afro-American rhythms and Brazilian melodies. London-based Italian vocalist Marta Capponi joins the duo from Alghero as special guest to present original tunes created for this occasion, before the award-winning vocal wizard Cleveland Watkiss takes to the stage. Blending improvisation, counterpoint harmony, electronics, break-beat loops and bass lines, the award-winning vocalist creates a unique orchestral soundscape in Vocal Suite, drawing on the mood and ambience of the jazz club and its audience.



    Filomena Campus Quartet feat.

    Jackie Walduck

    14 November

    show 8:30pm | doors 6:30pm
    PizzaExpress Jazz Club, Soho



    From the sweet taste of myrtle wine, to the deep coral reefs and golden sand, vocalist Filomena Campus takes you with her to her beloved island. Vibraphonist Jackie Walduck joins Campus’ long-term collaboration partners Steve Lodder on piano, drummer Rod Youngs and Davide Mantovani on double bass for impromptu riffs on some of the quartet’s original songs. They will also present a new composition 'A Bolu Pasidu' (Gliding) about improvisation by one of Sardinian’s most celebrated poets of the 20th century, Raimondo Piras. A signature project, who have taken their unique take on jazz following the success of their album Jester of Jazz to audiences around world.




  • "Hats off to the organisers for bringing together this mélange of the two cultures: romance, fun, satire, fine music, powerful performers, jazz from island to island. "

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    “Filomena Campus enchants London”

    Campus porta a Londra il Theatralia Jazz Festival

    Il festival Theatralia come un ponte fra la Sardegna, sua terra d’origine, e la Gran Bretagna, un’altra isola che poi ha accolto la cantante e attrice sarda spianandole la strada verso il successo.



    ‘The best Italian jazz arrives to London’


    Tre giorni di grande musica a Londra dove il jazz italiano incontra quello britannico in un incrocio tra musica, teatro e poesia con ospiti eccellenti,

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    "Sardinia Extravaganza" is a joint initiative of the City of Alghero, Fondazione Alghero, Theatralia Jazz Festival, Jazz Alguer, PizzaExpress Jazz Club, Poco Loco Jazz Club and receives the generous support of Easyjet and Sogeaal Airport of Alghero.


    Get yourself a seat at the PizzaExpress Jazz Club, 10 Dean Street in Soho, W1D 3RW

    Tel. 020 7439 4962